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How to Survive Social Distancing




Like many of you, I am stuck inside due to COVID-19. While I am an introvert, and am actually enjoying the time away from the office, many of my friends and colleagues feel different. In fact, they are going “stir crazy.” Inspired by their anxiousness, I have decided to come up with a few suggestions to ease the social distancing blues that anyone out there may be experiencing.



  1. Read/Listen To A Book


I am personally a lover of literature overall, so I am constantly in the middle of some book. If you are not the type to sit down and read a book, but want to get into it I would suggest audible. I personally prefer listening to books over reading them, because I am able to complete other tasks while listening. For me, it is killing two birds with one stone when I can enjoy a book while folding laundry, creating content, and etc. While you’re stuck at home and working, it is not a bad idea to pick up a book. A few books I recommend:


The Year of Yes- Shonda Rhimes

Around The Way Girl- Taraji P Henson

Originals- Adam Grant

The You Are Badass series- Jen Sincero



  1. Write Out Your Business Plan


I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say they do not know where to start when it comes to a business. The first place I recommend is to write out a business plan. If you have been sitting on an idea, now is the time to begin to prepare to execute your ideas. There are so many templates available on Google that help you with writing out your business plan for FREE. Take advantage. Do not waste another second wasting valuable time. Write the business plan, sis.


  1. Write out/Assess Your Goals


So maybe you have already started your business or you don’t have the desire to start one. What about your overall life goals?  Have you worked on those? If not, use this time to do that. Rather that is obtaining a certificate or degree, writing your blog posts for the month, creating your content, going to the gym, etc you should be working towards something and not being content. Always strive for something so that you always have something to look forward to. Everyday you should be making steps to improving yourself, because there is always room.


  1. Learn a New Skill


Since this unofficial/official quarantine I have been paying a lot of attention to industries that are suffering, but more importantly to the ones that are still staying afloat or who are even thriving. All in all, the biggest lesson I have learned is to have a backup plan. Thankfully, my job is in tech, so I have been able to still work remotely. However, I still feel as if it is extremely important to have several streams of income. While I do sell extensions, I have recently decided to also sell lace closure units. YouTube and my sister who is a cosmetologist have been my best friends and reference points. Crazy enough, this has been my most profitable month regardless of the virus happening. Let me make this clear: pick up a new skill that will thrive regardless of what shape the economy is in. You can also think of new and creative ways to still make sales regardless of the virus. A great example is restaurants having to close down, but switching to take out instead. Pick up a new skill that can give you additional income. No one has ever frowned upon a jack of all trades.


  1. Take Care Of Yourself!


While you are home be sure to take some Me time. Me time does not have to be any elaborate, but it can be simply deep conditioning your hair  (without having the pressure to do a rush job, because of having to go to work in the morning), painting your nails, relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine, etc. You have to take care of yourself mentally and physically in order to be healthy and be the best version of yourself.


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 I hope these tips helped anyone who is struggling with isolation. Though I cannot relate, I am empathetic to those who are not happy with the isolation right now. If you find yourself practicing any of the above tips, please be sure to hashtag #SasSocialDistancing. See you at the top!






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