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It's Okay To Have To Start Over

Time For A Change

At the end of 2019 (like many other entrepreneurs), I looked at my business stats to evaluate where I went wrong, what I did right, and ways I could improve. I started my business in 2018 and as I approached my third year in business I knew it was time to make some changes. I'm a firm believer in always investing in yourself and your business so I decided to book a one on one coaching call with one of the marketing coaches I follow on Instagram. I needed a professional who would be unbiased, tell me exactly what my problems were, the proper steps on how to fix them, and most importantly how to increase my revenue. And that is EXACTLY what I got.

The Truth Is Not Always Pretty

The person I worked with was Adryanuana Tuggle (BKA @marketingbymonrae on IG) and honey she got got me all the way together! In our session, she gave me so much insight along with the raw unbiased advise that I needed. I'm in the hair extension business which is um...SATURATED if you have not noticed. (We all know everybody and they mama, auntie, and cousin baby mama sells hair). The only way to make it in saturated industries is to stand out, find your niche/target audience, and to make sure your marketing is on point. To make a long story short, I needed to rebrand. If you go to my page, or website you can't tell (yet) who my target audience is simply by browsing through photos. The content is there, but it's not quite spelling things out. This is a problem in business. You always want customers or even visitors to your site to automatically be able to know what your theme is, what you're selling, and who your products are intended for. 


The Business Lesson I Learned That I Can Pass On To Other Entrepreneurs

When starting a business, it is so important to define your target audience. Who is your ideal customer? So many people tend to have the mindset that they want to sell to anyone who will buy. That's the WRONG mindset to have. This is especially true if you are going into a saturated industry (hair extensions, wigs, lashes, clothing boutique, soaps, stylists, makeup artists, etc). Instead of just "selling wigs" try selling wigs for women who suffer from hair loss due to alopecia, cancer, chemo, etc. (This is still a very broad example, but it exemplifies a target audience). Once you narrow down your target audience, then you can learn how to market to them. I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way, but no one ever said being a successful entrepreneur would be easy. 

The Personal Lesson I Learned That I Can Pass On To Anyone


It's ok to start over. It's ok to redo once you have already established yourself. And just because you are starting over does not mean you're a failure. Here I am almost year three in business and having to invest a lot of money into rebranding because of some initial steps I missed. It's ok. Don't get me wrong it is not the ideal situation (especially for my pockets) but it is something that needs to be done in order for growth to take place. Sometimes we set goals, make and follow a plan that we think is best to achieve that goal, and then it does not work. It doesn't mean you give up on the goal, you just adjust your strategy to achieve it. With that being said, be sure to subscribe to the Sassy And Siddity email list. There is so much we have in store for 2020 and we want you to be among the first to know! Simply subscribe by visiting our home page and entering your information on the pop up alert. Happy Saturday!



Your sissy Jay💗

I love all of this! Looking back (“When you look back!”) and Re-evaluating my business Proud of you too!💗💗❤️


Proud of you!! This helps me too

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