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Hair Tips/FAQ'S

Can the weft be cut?
Yes, our wefts can be cut without unraveling. However, we do not suggest cutting our wefts.

How much hair do I need? 

  • Lengths 12-16" - 2 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 18-22" - 3 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 24-28" - 4 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 12-18" with a frontal - 2 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 20-24" with a frontal - 3 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 26-28" with a frontal - 4 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 12-18" with a closure - 2 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 20-24" with a closure - 3 bundles or more*

  • Lengths 26-28" with a closure - 4 bundles or more*


*The term “or more” is used because this is contingent upon how much volume you desire with your hair extensions and also the size of your head. Some like their hair to have more volume than others and it always best to have too much hair, than not enough. 


Does this hair shed?

Any hair that has been manufacture to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding. This normal, as even our natural hair sheds.  Minimum shedding may occur, but there will be no drastic shedding that will affect the density or volume of the extensions.

Can I color this hair?

Yes! You absolutely can color the hair. You can also curl and straighten it. Please keep in mind that once virgin hair is treated in any way, it is no longer virgin, and therefore we recommend that you have your hair colored or processed by a professional. Our regular hair can be bleached to a #27. Our Illegally Blonde Collection is can be used to achieve more vibrant colors.

How should I care for the hair?

  • Wash hair before installing

  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water

  • Scrunch up hair gently to reform curls

  • Let hair air dry naturally after washing

  • Brush & detangle hair every day and before you wash with a brush or wide tooth comb

    • Comb in a downward motion, starting from the tips and working upwards​

    • Only brush the hair when completely wet

  • Avoid the use of too many products like grease and heavy oils​

  • Do not apply excessive heat to extensions

  • Shampoo wash hair at least once a week.