Meet The Owner! – Sassy And Siddity, LLC

Meet The Owner!

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my online store! My name is Ajernee' & I launched Sassy And Siddity in May of 2018. SAS is not merely another hair extension business, but it is my personal brand, it's a lifestyle, and it is a MOOD. When creating Sassy and Siddity, I purposely left the words "hair extensions" out of the name, because I did not want to limit my brand.

On all of my emails, I address all of my subscribers and customers as SAS dolls. Being an SAS doll is not only a name, it's a positive affirmation. To be sassy means to be lively, bold, and full of spirit. While the word siddity typically means to be stuck up, and high class, I believe to be called siddity says that one does not settle for mediocrity. 

The goal of Sassy And Siddity is to provide quality extensions at affordable pricing, but the purpose is to awaken the inner boss inside each and every SAS doll. With that being said, ARE YOU READY TO SLAY?